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Why do I need a property manager?

If you have the time to place adverts on Trademe, process inquiries, show potential tenants the property (usually multiple showings), and then process and review applications then a property manager may not be necessary. However, if you need an extra hand we can take over this, plus much more. As Auckland Property Managers, Northside Property Management does all the above including credit checks, employment references, and previous landlord references. We also offer pre-occupation inspections for damage and inspections prior to departure and every 3-4 months during the tenancy, so your investment is maintained. We have become highly skilled in determining good tenants from not so good tenants. We continuously deal with potential tenants on a daily basis – just like hiring a new employee, upfront due diligence creates smooth sailing down stream.

Do I have to sign a fixed term contract for management?

Yes, we have a fixed term contract with a minimum of 6 months. Following this period there is an opportunity to change to another Auckland Property Manager or to manage it yourself.

How can I be sure I won’t get bad tenants going throughNorthside Property Management?

A bad tenant may come up every now and again. However, we can promise that we will work 100% to ensure we do a detailed screening and check all potential tenant’s character and history before approving their application. Generally, tenants with bad histories will often avoid Auckland Property Managers. However, in some cases, we cannot manage the things that happen – like loss of employment, sickness, and other personal issues, which can lead to financial stress being suffered by the tenants
Will I have a say in how things are handled?

Yes, as professional Property Managers we always consult with our owners when things change. We are transparent in our communications whether it be regarding new tenants, rental increases or requiring repairs and maintenance.

What happens if repairs are needed?

Repairs and maintenance is all part of owning an asset such as a home. As specialist Property Managers in Auckland, we have a selection of trusted quality trades people who we use when repairs are needed. We have selected these trades people because we are experienced local property managers and know they will perform high-quality work in a timely manner. And because we have a high volume of work we are able to acquire cost-effective rates. To learn more about fair wear and tear and your rights.

How much does a tenant pay to move into the property?

As the property manager we collect a bond from the tenant- usually 4 weeks rental, 1 weeks rent in advance, and 1 weeks rent + GST letting fee which goes to us.

How often are rents increased?

We review our rentals constantly and always try to “Meet the market, and maximize returns”. Rentals will always dip a little in winter, and rise around Jan – April. Currently rentals can be reviewed every 6 months.

Can I inspect the property?

Yes, just call us and we will issue a 24 hours notice to the tenant.

Can I sell my property while it is not vacant?

Yes, you can sell your property tenanted or vacant. In consultation with the tenant, you/your agent can gain access to the house for open homes, to show prospective purchasers. The tenant must be notified during this period, however, they cannot stop you/your agent having reasonable access.

Can I move back into my property?

Yes, if you or immediate family wish to live in the property, the current tenants have a 42 days notice period, which we can communicate on your behalf.

How can I terminate a tenancy?

As your property manager following your instructions we give a 90 days Notice to the tenant.

How much notice does a tenant have to give?

A tenant must give a minimum of 3 weeks to 4 weeks to vacate.

If the tenant leaves, will the property be vacant?

Usually 95% of the time the new tenant will move in within 3-5 days. We have distinct marketing strategies that minimise vacant periods for house owners.

How do bonds work?

We collect the bond from the tenant. Usually, 4 weeks rent. We hold it in our Rental Trust Account – and forward it to Tenancy Services, MBIE ( Min Business Innovation Employment)

How often do you carry out inspections?

We pay particular attention to property inspections. These are scheduled every 3-4 months. Our inspections include a full exterior and interior inspection to assess both maintenance and the general condition of the property, and the care the current tenants are taking.

What records and information do you provide?

We will provide you with monthly professional statements for your records which can be used when dealing with accountants, IRD, and the tribunals. These records are extremely detailed and account for every cent received distributed to you or spent on repairs etc. We also hold a financial diary electronically, which can be produced if you ever require a full history of your property or tenants history. Please get in touch with the team if you have any further questions about how Northside Property Management can help you with your property.