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Property repairs and maintenance | Northside Property Management Auckland

f you own a rental property it is more than likely that you will experience property repairs and maintenance.

If something gets damaged in a rental property or needs repairing, it’s important to know who’s responsible for fixing and paying for the problem. As the landlord is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the home it is important that the tenant notifies the landlord or property manager of these repairs.

As a landlord, you must comply with all legislative building, health and safety requirements. This means keeping the plumbing, electrical wiring and anything to do with the structure of the house safe and working properly.

It is also important to regularly check the property and repair any damage or wear and tear as soon as possible. There is a legal duty upon the owner/manager completing such repairs in a timely manner and to a good standard – there have been numerous Tenancy Tribunal awards against landlords for slow or deficient maintenance. Having a good network of service people will ensure that your investment property is looked after and last longer.

Northside Property Managementhas the tools and experience to deal with property repairs and maintenance. We offer routine house inspections to ensure the house is in good condition. Using our experience we have gained a large network or reliable cost effective service people to address any property repairs and maintenance promptly.

To get in touch with one of our staff for a property appraisal and to find your property manager, call us on 09 218 8252 or mobile 021 778 028