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We are a property portfolio management company that specialises in easy tenancy management. We have over 20 years of experience in building a credible property portfolio and helping landlords with trouble-free rental property ownership.

As property owners ourselves, we understand the importance of finding suitable tenants for your property. This is why we implement a rigorous process in ensuring reliable quality tenants, which involves verifying their employment, financial history, and more.

We have turned down management opportunities where we consider the property would not attract quality tenants. All our property managers are experienced, with most owning their own rental investments and a service ethos that is second to none. Learn more about our process below:

Our Process

We pay particular attention when engaging in the letting process. Our goal is to ensure landlords and property investors obtain maximum rental and capital value. This is how we do it:

Tenant quality is paramount

Tenant selection is extremely critical in the management of any rental property. We believe when managing Auckland properties, the most important decision made is the choice of tenants. Northside Property Management checks on employment records, credit history, and personal references.

Marketing and renting the property

To get good tenants we need to market and advertise your property. We use signs, Trademe—often having prospective tenants on a waiting list.

We spend more on marketing, making it easier and more cost-effective to attract trustworthy tenants. This is a fine balance with 20+ years of proven experience in serving the needs of landlords and investors we are acutely aware of the need to sustain market-driven rentals and cash flow.

Lease documentation

We always commit to a written tenancy – even for short-term rentals. It creates clear written performance expectations for both the tenants and ourselves as Auckland Property Managers. After the fixed term period, tenants may choose to renew for a fixed term or automatically allow the lease to transition to a periodic tenancy, only when they have been good tenants.


Before the tenant enters the property to begin their lease, they are required to fill out a detailed pre-inspection report – with photos, if required. Upon the end of a lease, we use this report to ascertain if there is any damage to the property for which the tenant is liable.

Rental Payments

All our rental payments are done by automatic bank transfer. We refuse to receive cash. This creates an indelibly written record and also protects our managers and premises.

We run daily reports on outstanding rentals – and maintain a zero-tolerance regime. If there are late payments, we immediately contact the tenant and if not remedied within 24 hours, commence the process for termination.

Ongoing inspections

To top it all off, we maintain the property throughout with regular property inspections every 3-4 months and forward detailed reports so you can keep on top of your investment and returns.

Repairs and Maintenance

Unfortunately, the improvements (house, drainage, and other infrastructure) are depreciating assets, and with use and time, they will deteriorate. There will be times when replacements and repairs will be necessary. We always keep owners in the picture if we need to expend money on their behalf on the property.

We engage with qualified, trustworthy cost-effective tradesmen and repair professionals. They provide fair market rates for their services and guarantee their work. Our prompt payment policy is recognised and ensures we enjoy reliable and responsive attention.

Bond Collection

We collect 4 weeks bond and forward it to be held by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment. This is refunded to the tenant following the lease ending and the property being left in a clean and tidy condition and all outstanding monies being paid by the tenant.

Keeping the record straight

We pride ourselves on keeping up with current legislation with the Residential Tenancies Act and the Health & Safety Act 2015. We have up to date software accountancy packages that allow us to know if all rent is paid up to date. Each owner receives a comprehensive detailed monthly breakdown of every dollar and cent expended on behalf or paid to the owner. This is easily converted to an annual summary if required.

Tenancy finish and final inspection

When the tenancy finishes, we complete an end of tenancy inspection with the old tenant and ensure there is no excessive damage and no outstanding money owed for rent, water etc. Then we will arrange repayment of the bond less any money owed.


Your property is required by law to meet EECA compliance standards (Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority). This standard of insulation must be in place by1 July 2019.

Should your property require upgraded insulation to meet new Insulation Requirements (NZ Tenancy Services T30 (10/16), MB13712), Northside Property Management can assist with the provision of cost-effective solutions including initial assessment, installation or upgrade. To ensure you get the best price, our process includes obtaining 3rd party quotes. If required our service may extend to project management, at a negligible cost to our owners.

Ongoing advice

If you are an experienced property investor who wishes to work with an accomplished Property Manager, Mark Kelly, John Baatjes, Marissa Pajudpod, Vik Pilania  can assist you. Mark has seen the ups and downs of property prices, interest rates, and continuous regulatory intervention. He prides himself in having a team that consistently deliver high yields, carefully selected tenants and low maintenance costs.

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