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How to decide on a property manager for your rental

As a property investor you have two options – to manage your own rental home or hire a property management company to do it for you.

There are pros and cons with both but REDnews spoke to a professional in the property management industry to answer some common questions about the agency side.

What you need to know about the new tenancy laws

For the first time in 35 years, tenancy laws have had a drastic overhaul, as they were massively out of date.

Last year, Parliament passed new laws under the Residential Tenancy Act, due to take place in three stages, one of which was in August last year, one in February this year, and one in August later this year.

Rental prices flatten – but could this change?

Rental price growth has flattened for the first time in three years, but this could change argues Business Desk’s Brent Melville. “Flatlining rental prices are likely to be a brief reprieve for tenants as landlords start ratcheting up prices to meet the cost of new healthy homes regulations,” he says.

Nobody knows for sure why prices have stagnated but there’s plenty of analysis and theories. Read on

Residential Tenancy Letting Fee Change

No letting fees for tenants. Active from 12 December 2018. The Residential Tenancies (Prohibiting Letting Fees) Amendment has now been passed to remove letting fees for tenants who rent homes. This means that from 12 December 2018, tenants cannot be charged…

7 tips on choosing the right property manager in Auckland

Elements to consider when choosing the right property manager in Auckland   Property management is no joke. It can be costly and tedious to deal with when it goes wrong. Take your time and choose the right property management company or agent to help you with…

Defining “fair wear and tear”

What is considered fair wear and tear? The definition of ‘fair wear & tear’ is often debated between Property Management Companies, Landlords and tenants. North Shore Property Management is a Property Management Company specialising in residential management in Auckland. Fair…

Property repairs and maintenance

Property repairs and maintenance | North Shore Property Management Auckland   If you own a rental property it is more than likely that you will experience property repairs and maintenance. If something gets damaged in a rental property or needs repairing, it’s…

Auckland Property Management

Auckland Property Management. North Shore Property Management Auckland Property Management is a competitive industry and North Shore Property Management has been around 20 years to know what is needed and what works. We work with businesses, investors and homeowners across Auckland…

Property Manager Auckland

Finding a property manager in Auckland   Choosing a property manager in Auckland can be compared to selecting a lawyer or accountant for business affairs. It’s important to choose the right person and business. Owning a residential investment property can provide…

The truth about mould in your home

Dealing with moulds in your home   Mould is common in New Zealand homes and with the increasingly cold winters, it is important that we understand the damages of mould and how to prevent it from having long term effects on ourselves and our family. Mould…

24 Ways to Reduce Heating Costs

Easy home solutions to reduce your heating cost   As an Auckland Property Manager, we are very aware of the sharp increase in winter power bills. As daylight becomes shorter, people tend to use more heating. Let’s try to avoid that and look for other solutions…

Property Management in Auckland and Smoke Alarms that do not detect Smoke

Property Management in Auckland and Smoke Alarms that do not detect Smoke   As a Property Manager based in Auckland, North Shore Property Management pays special attention towards property managers and landlord’s duties regarding smoke alarms. All rental properties must have working…

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